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News From Hanby House

Hanby Face Lift is Complete!

Ohio History Connection has completed the work on the outside of Hanby House. The exterior paint was completed last fall.  The color is based on the earliest identifiable color on the wood siding. The new metal kitchen roof was completed in the summer.  The new green shutters with beautiful new hardware were installed in early September.  Plan a visit soon to see the final look.

Front view oldFront view 2017

Old Paint Scheme
New Paint Sceme


Old rear viewNew view rear

Old Paint Scheme
New Paint Sceme



Hanby House Painted

hanby House new paint

Hanby House

After many years of being white with green trim, Hanby House has a new paint and trim scheme. Late this past summer, an expert in micro paint chip study took many paint samples from around the house. He found that the earliest paint color was this soft orange. Micro paint studies were done in Williamsburg. Click here to see an article from the Summer 2016 edition of "Trend & Tradition" the magazine of Colonial Williamsburg (page 102).


Tea Time at Hanby House May 2016

Hanby House welcomed a Questers group for a private tea and tour.  Shoemaker House, the welcome center, looked charming with all the pretty things that are available for our teas. Private teas and tours are available to groups of 8 to 20 by calling 614-891-6289.


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Hanby Desendents Visit Hanby House

We had a short-notice visit from two descendants of John Hanby, Bishop's brother.  John had a son named Benjamin Harper Hanby, a first cousin of Benjamin Russel Hanby.  Benjamin Harper Hanby immigrated to Oregon where descendants still live.  On Sunday, October 4, Laura Lee Jones and her son Jeff Jones visited the house.  Laura Lee is first cousin 3 times removed from Benjamin Russel Hanby.  Her son is first cousin 4 times removed from Benjamin Russel Hanby.  They were delightful people and were very enthusiastic about all they learned of their family history.

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Westerville Garden Club celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Hanby Kitchen Garden Sunday Aug. 16, 2015

Garden Club canopyGretchen and Jeff


garden visitorsThe MEEK Quartet



Three Hanby Generations Visit the Old Homestead

Sam Hanby Desendants

Hanby House recently welcomed three generations of descendants of Samuel Miller Hanby. From the left are Carol Strain, her granddaughters Georgia and Sarah Cooper, and Carol's daughter Becky Strain Cooper. The four ladies visited from Georgia. The descendancy is Bishop William Hanby---Samuel Miller Hanby--Jessie Lee Hanby--Wylie Hanby Roberts--Carol Lee Roberts--Rebecca Strain--Georgia and Sarah Cooper. It was an honor to welcome some Hanby family members to their ancestors' home.


Hanby House Video, "From Servitude to Service" Wins Second Award

Hanby video, From Servitude to Service wins it's second award! Pam Allen, Producer, and Bruce Houtz, Editor, received the History Outreach Award from the Ohio Local History Alliance on October 5, 2013. Congratulations Pam and Bruce for a job well done. View The Movie trailer for "From Servitude to Service: The Story of the Hanby Family," at . Copies of the video are available for sale at Hanby House and on line at

Ohio Local History AlliancePam Allen and Bruce Houtz wins award



Jim Freshour as Bishop Hanby

Church of the Messiah July 14, 2014



History Buffs can you help?

History Detectives! Does anyone recognze this house in Westerville, Ohio? It could be Ben and Kate's first (and only) house in Westerville. Is the house still standing? If you recognize it, send a note and the address to

ben and kates first house


Hanby House is recognized by:

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The United Methodist Church as a Heritage Landmark

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